Painting Workshop 1: "From Sketching to Painting"
Painting Workshop 2: "Painting Big!"
Summer Workshop: "Expressive abstract painting" at Art and Design School F+F, Zurich, July 15-19 2024. Scroll down to see all information.

Painting Workshop 1:
"From Sketching to Painting"

Friday, 1.03.24 *fully booked*
Saturday, 27.4.24 *fully booked*
Friday, 3.05.24 *fully booked*
Saturday, 1.06.24 *one spot available!!*
Saturday, 29.06.24 *two spots available*

Where: At my studio in Zurich
When: from 10-15.00
Costs: CHF 200.- Material included
Spots: 5

No previous knowledge required. Adults and children welcome!

After your registration ( I will send you further information.

There are five spots available for each workshop. If your preferred day is fully booked, I will be happy to put you on the waiting list! I am preparing more workshops, which I will publish here and on Instagram soon.

The course is held in German. If there are English speakers, I will be happy to speak to them in English. It will be a fun mix.

What to expect:
As the title says, the current workshop is about the process from sketching to painting. It includes an excerpt from my routine work and shows my approach both intellectually and in practice.

In the first part we will do so-called mental color games. These are very personal (and funny) and you discover new things about yourself and get to know the others better in a short time.

The second part is sketching. We make sketches based on the inspirations we have previously discussed. We sketch in small format on paper and experiment with composition, proportions and color tones. 

In the third part, we choose a small sketch and paint it in a larger format on canvas. We experience that something new is emerging, the sketch may have served as inspiration and the painting on canvas becomes an independent and new work.

Painting Workshop 2:
"Painting Big!"

Saturday, 9.03.24 *fully booked*
Friday, 22.03.24 *fully booked*
Friday, 5.04.24 *fully booked*
Saturday, 20.04.24 *fully booked*
Saturday, 18.05.24 *fully booked*
Friday, 14.06.24 *one spot available*

Where: At my studio in Zurich
When: 10-15.00
Costs: CHF 250.- Material included
Spots: 4

Prior knowledge is an advantage but not required. 

After your registration ( I will send you further information.

There are four spots available for each day. 

What to expect:
We will first sketch in small format, then increase the format step by step to finally paint on a 120x100 cm canvas. You assemble the stretcher frame yourself and prime the canvas. You will get more and more into your flow... this workshop is all about movement and generosity! Of course, topics such as color and composition will not be neglected.

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SUMMER WORKSHOP (Expressive Abstract Painting)
at the F+F art and design school Zurich.

July 15-19 2024, 9.00-16.00 each day.

We delve into the topic of abstraction and discuss renowned abstract artists from both the past and present. You enjoy the freedom of abstract painting, you transform your inspirations, focus purely on color, composition and brushstroke. You will learn about the properties of acrylic paints, their composition and the many ways in which they can be used. You will build your own canvas by assembling the stretcher frame and covering it with canvas. You explore your personal color preferences and play in familiar and unfamiliar areas. Movement will play a significant role as you find your rhythm and flow. You will receive guidance and support throughout the entire artistic process, from the first sketch on paper to assembling the canvas and completing your painting.

This course is taught in English.

Where: F+F, Schule für Kunst und Design
Flurstrasse 89, 8047 Zürich, +41 44 444 18 88,
When: July 15-19 2024, 9.00-16.00 each day
Costs: CHF 865, Material included
Spots: 7–12

Sign up till: Juni 17 2024

Check out the website F+F